Red, Teal and Thursday : Claire+Michael

Photography by Epic Image of Nashville

Claire Miller and Michael Aucoin make everyone they meet smile. Seriously, this couple has an infectious sense of humor with quick one liners.  They are also true to themselves.  Take getting married on a Thursday, for instance.  Midweek weddings are listed among this year’s ten top ways to “green” your wedding, and couples can save some serious money (at Cedarwood at least) by booking a non-traditional day. Claire and Mike’s engagement anniversary happened to fall on Thursday, August 19 and they thought tying the knot on that specific day was an appropriate way to honor their commitment to each other and treat their guests to an exciting break in their work week!

Claire and Mike had the most original Save the Dates we’ve seen, and they did it all themselves. I don’t normally like to post snapshots that have been copied and then scanned….but you just have to see their creativity at the end of the post.  Another creative and stellar moment was Mike’s proposal to Claire – in a bag of custom printed M&M’s.  He ordered them in three colors – some with the traditional ‘M’ logo, some with their photo, and some with the words “Marry Me.”  So adorable!   He gave Claire this special treat while they were driving in the car, and the funny thing is that Claire kept eating the M&M’s without noticing the special message…..until Mike made her pause and actually look at them.  Lol. Love.

Claire described their wedding day dream to us with a simple list:  Teal and Red,  casual Southern elements like Milk Glass and Mason Jars, their dogs Mason and Spencer by their sides, Cupcakes, a Fenway Park groom’s cake, Cigar lounge, great cocktails and food in an intimate atmosphere.  All elements spot on! Check out Claire and Michael’s beautiful day in these photos by Derek Lee of Epic Image of Nashville.

As promised, here’s a scan of a copy of a photo of Claire and Michael’s totally original and cute Save the Dates.  They decorated Mason Jars made photo postcards. Just imagne them in their ‘real colors’  teal and red! Love these.

Thanks Claire and Michael for allowing us to be part of your wedding day love for each other.  And thanks to Derek Lee of Epic Image of Nashville for sharing photos with us.

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Our wedding was absolutely stellar! We had such a beautiful and carefree day thanks to the many talents of the Cedarwood team. Thanks, ladies!

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