Cedarwood Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check available dates?
For your convenience, Cedarwood maintains our availability calendar onlineNo Saturdays left?  Click here to learn why Friday or Sunday weddings are preferred by many couples!

When do I begin planning?
Within two weeks of reserving a date, a signed a contract and initial payment of 25% of the package is due. Once in place, we can schedule a planning session at your request to start customizing details. We ask that you select bridesmaids’ dresses prior to planning so that your wedding colors are established. Initial planning meetings normally last up to three hours and are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at either 9am or 1pm. Cedarwood will prepare a detailed, descriptive written wedding plan for your review and approval. A second payment of 25% is due at this time. Adjustments to the plan can be made at any time and we can meet again as needed to finalize details. A meeting with Cedarwood’s day-of wedding director will also be scheduled approximately 30 days in advance to discuss wedding day timelines, activities and protocol, including a final review of your wedding plan. A final guest count is due two weeks prior to the wedding and final billing and modifications to the plan, if needed, will be made at that time.

Who will be responsible for running the event?
Cedarwood’s staff will be on-site to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable, and to ensure that everything is set up according to our final planning session. We will work with our vendor-partners so that every aspect of your wedding runs smoothly. Our all-inclusive packages include complete wedding planning and the services of a professional, certified wedding director that will make your day flawless and stress-free with personalized attention to the wedding party and every detail.

Can I have exclusive use of Cedarwood? Are we restricted to certain areas?
We do not have more than one wedding or event at a time. Cedarwood offers exclusive use of our facilities, including the historic Yarbrough House, Pavilion, gardens, landscaped grounds and parking area for each event based on your designated period. Most brides and event hosts use a combination of sites so that guests have ample room to enjoy all aspects of this beautiful country estate, inside and out!

Do you have a minimum number of guests for a wedding?
Cedarwood’s all-inclusive wedding packages are available to weddings with a minimum of 50 people and a maximum of 175 people.  Guest counts include the bride, groom and bridal party.  Within these parameters, we will prepare the ceremony or reception site according to the number of guests in your contract/wedding plan. Increases in the guest count must be provided to Cedarwood two weeks prior to the event.

Do you have spaces for indoor and outdoor ceremonies?
Most wedding ceremonies feature Cedarwood’s natural beauty and take place outdoors on our garden terrace. The terrace seats up to 175 guests comfortably on a lush green lawn. The ceremony room inside the historic Yarbrough House can hold 75 (seating for 50 guests) in the Double Parlor for intimate candlelight weddings. The Pavilion, Barn and front lawn are also possibilities for wedding ceremonies. Cedarwood’s exclusive and unique Outdoor Cathedral is an upgraded option that is set up in the open meadow with ten foot gothic church windows and pews. You may also choose the meadow for traditional ceremony set-ups at no extra cost.

What happens if we plan an outdoor wedding and it rains?
If the weather forecast predicts a 30% chance of rain, Cedarwood will move your ceremony to the covered Pavilion, or alternate location, depending on your number of guests. If you are expecting more than 120 guests and hosting a bar, the rental of a tent for the driveway or garden terrace may be required for adequate additional reception space in the event of rain. Cedarwood will determine if a tent is needed and will secure the tent from a bonded rental company with the proper permits and a flame protection rating of NFPA701. Advance notice of 24-48 hours and separate payment are required to secure a tent.

Are you open all year? Do you offer discounts?
Because most couples book our historic farm estate for the natural outdoor beauty, our wedding season is normally March through November.  Off season/winter weddings will be considered for 50-75 people.  Cedarwood is closed on certain major holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. Other holiday weekend dates will be charged the Saturday rate. A military discount of $250 is offered to active members of the US Armed Forces.

Are my rental rates guaranteed?
Cedarwood’s rates are always subject to change. However, once a contract is signed, your package price is locked in at the current price. The only extra expenses to you are optional amenities that you might select, an increase in your guest count, or contingency charges due to weather.

Are we required to set up and tear down chairs and tables for our ceremony and reception? Who is responsible for clean up?
Cedarwood’s all-inclusive packages include set up and tear down of all event furnishings, coordination of all amenities, and clean up, so that your only responsibility is to enjoy your event. If you bring personal belongings to Cedarwood, you are asked to take them at the end of your event. We cannot be responsible for any items left on the property beyond your rental period.

How long is our rental of Cedarwood and are there set times for weddings?
Our wedding and reception packages are based on 8 hour blocks of time which you can request. Your contract will specify an “in-time” and an “out-time.” Additional hours are sometimes available for purchase in advance at $500 per hour, based on availability. Events times must start no earlier than 11:30 AM and end no later than 11:30 PM. All persons involved with an event are required to clear the house and grounds by the contract “out-time” to avoid overtime charges. Early arrivals and late departures by the wedding party, guests and/or vendors will result in a charge against your security deposit at the rate of $125 per 15 minute increments.

Do you have private bride and groom suites?
Cedarwood has a Bridal Suite with adjoining powder room in the historic main house. A Groom’s cottage is located in the Carriage House. Use of our Bridal Suite and Grooms Cottage is included in all Cedarwood packages.

Are decorations included in the package?
All packages at Cedarwood include custom floral and décor, provided by our on-site award-winning florist and design team. Our vintage collections and décor items are available to our clients at no additional charge (some exceptions apply.)  For those who want an even more elaborate event, a wide range of optional amenities can be added to our packages on an ala carte basis for an unforgettable experience.

Can I have candles?
Candles are included as a major element of all packages at Cedarwood! We light the interior of the house, and provide candles on reception and service tables. Evening packages also include our signature “grounds lighting package,” a magical display of torches and Mason jar candle lanterns hanging from trees throughout the property, as well as candle chandeliers for the dining Pavilion. Other optional event lighting can be added on an ala carte basis.  We do not allow taper candles at Cedarwood.  If you wish to supplement your event with additional candles, you must allow Cedarwood to approve the style in advance (for wax/fire security purposes.)

Can we provide our own flowers and decorations?
Cedarwood’s packages include customized flowers and decorations for the altar, house, grounds as well as all personal flowers for the wedding party. A detailed description of décor will be specified in a custom wedding plan. No outside florists are allowed, but you can customize and upgrade your flowers and decorations with Cedarwood’s on-site designers. You may bring family heirloom décor pieces for our design team to use for centerpieces and tabletop décor. Services such as draping and event lighting must be provided by professionals, and no nails, screws or permanent adhesives may be used to anchor decorations. Your choice of real rose or flower petals, bubbles or sparklers are included options for your grand send-off. Sky Lanterns are not permitted due to the fire marshall mandate.

Are tables, chairs and linens included?
Cedarwood’s packages include the essentials for your ceremony or reception. Chairs, tables and service tables and table linens are included. A wide array of specialty linens, overlays, chair covers, chair bows, napkins, china, glassware, crystal, food service and décor items can be selected through our design studio. Damaged table linens resulting from candle wax, ink, or other stains will result in a charge of $40 per linen from your security deposit. As smoking is prohibited in the historic house and pavilion or other dining areas, cigarette burns to table cloths will result in a charge equal to the full cost of the linen.

Is there ample parking and easy access for my guests?
Cedarwood has ample, free self-parking for your guests in our one-acre private parking lot. Access to the parking lot directly off Whites Creek Pike is marked for easy identification by your guests. If desired, optional valet parking can be arranged at a separate cost.

Can we have music and dancing?
Our Pavilion includes a 30 x 30 foot covered dance floor with ample space for a live band or DJ.  Amplified music must end by 10:00 Pm Monday through Thursday, and by 11:00 Pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Do children count as a guest? Do you offer children’s programs or babysitting?
All children must be accompanied by and under the direct supervision of parents or other guardians at all times while attending an event at Cedarwood. Although Cedarwood is not responsible for the care of children attending your event, you can hire babysitters for onsite services. You may consider special seating or programs for children attending your ceremony and reception. Children count as a guest if they will occupy a chair. Only infants under 2 years old who are held by a parent do not count as a guest.

Are there restrictions regarding your Pet Friendly Policy?
Cedarwood allows pets to participate in weddings, but at all times must be in the care of an appointed handler. Your pet must be on a leash and kept outside on the terrace or grounds. Special permission must be obtained before allowing them inside the historic Yarbrough House, Pavilion or Barn. Your pet may be left unattended in the Grooms cottage only if secured inside a crate. You and your pet handler are responsible for removing waste from the grounds, cleaning up all accidents and making sure the pet behaves in an orderly manner. Damage to the grounds or property by your pet will result in a charge against your security deposit.  We can recommend a pet sitter and taxi service to assist you with your pet on wedding day.

Do you provide time for a wedding rehearsal before the wedding?
The Cedarwood wedding director will provide a rehearsal for members of the wedding party upon arrival at your contracted rental period. Separate rehearsals for the bride and groom can be arranged. Rehearsals on other days are not possible.

Can I choose my own caterer?
Cedarwood’s wedding package includes allowances for food and beverage service. You may choose a caterer from our list of “in-house/preferred” licensed caterers who are familiar with our facilities, provide excellent food quality and service and are adequately insured.

Is alcohol allowed? Can we have a bar?
Cedarwood does not include bar services in our packages, but as event host, you may bring alcohol to Cedarwood to be served to your guests.  All bar beverages must be served at all times by a licensed bartender with an up to date Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Server Permit. (Exception is a champagne toast, defined as one glass of sparkling wine per person – served to all guests simultaneously.)  Cedarwood will hire bartender(s) on your behalf at the rate of $50 per hour.  A facilities fee of $150 will be added to cover furniture, linens, decor, ice, coolers, tools and recycling. Guests may not bring their own alcohol (BYOB) or serve themselves and cash bars are not permitted. Due to strict laws concerning the serving of alcohol, it is the bartender’s responsibility to ensure that no alcoholic beverages are served to guests less than 21 years of age. All event hosts and bartenders must indemnify Cedarwood from liability and responsibility associated with providing alcohol or they will not be permitted to serve at the event. The bar must close 30 minutes prior to the event end time, or  no later than 11PM.  We recommend, but do not require, additional liability insurance through www.wedsafe.com for clients hosting a bar.

Can I bring my own cake? Is there a cake-cutting fee?
A wedding cake and cake cutting service is included in all Cedarwood packages. You may select an alternate baker that is a licensed and insured professional baker.  If you choose to select a cake baker other than Cedarwood’s vendor-partner, we will credit your package accordingly and you will contract and pay your chosen vendor directly. You or family members/friends may not provide a wedding cake; however you may provide a groom’s cake or groom’s desserts.

Do you have a smoking policy?
As a historic home, Cedarwood is a non-smoking facility. No smoking is allowed on the porches, the reception terraces or inside any part of the house, barn, groom’s cottage or restrooms. Outdoor smoking areas will be designated to accommodate smokers. Damages to linens and furnishings resulting from cigarette or cigar burns will be deducted from your security deposit equal to the full cost of the damaged item.

What is your deposit and payment policy?
A $500 security deposit is required to reserve a date at Cedarwood. The security deposit is placed in an escrow account and returned to you after the event, barring damages or overages. Security deposits are refunded on the first Monday of the month following your event. Within 2 weeks of reserving a date, an initial payment of 25% of the total package cost is due with a signed contract. The second payment of 25% is due at your event planning meeting or 6 months prior to your wedding, whichever occurs first.  The remaining balance is due in full no later than 60 days prior to the date of the event. Optional added amenities, additional guests or adjustment costs are due two weeks prior to the event. Failure to pay timely will result in cancellation of your event. Payments must be made in cash or by check. A service fee will be charged for all returned checks.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
The $500 security deposit is refundable after the event, less any damages, overages, add-ons or rentals not previously paid. If you cancel the event at any time after the $500 deposit is paid, the security deposit is forfeited. More than six months: If you cancel your event more than six months prior to the scheduled date of the event, your payments are refundable except the $500 security deposit. Within six months: If you cancel within six months of your reserved date, your payments are forfeited unless Cedarwood is able to rebook the contracted date. If the date is rebooked, you will receive a refund of your payment less an administrative fee equal to 25% of the package total. Within thirty days: If the contracted date is cancelled within 30 days of the event, the entire payment of your package is forfeited.

What happens if we change our wedding date?
If you change your event date more than six months before your contracted date, we will transfer all deposits and payments to the new date. If you request a change of date within six months of your reserved date, the change will be treated as a cancellation and subject to our cancellation and refund policy. A new contract will be required to rebook a date.

What happens if Cedarwood is not able to provide services for my wedding?
Should a wedding have to be cancelled or re-scheduled for an emergency, unforeseen facility problem un-related to severe weather, Cedarwood will refund all funds and absorb any costs related to re-scheduling your event at Cedarwood. If an alternate venue must be booked, Cedarwood will forward all funds paid and assist in the transition. We recommend event cancellation insurance to cover losses or extra expenses incurred due to severe weather, available through www.wedsafe.com.

Who is liable for damages and/or injuries?
Cedarwood maintains corporate liability insurance, however you are jointly and severally liable for all injuries and/or damages to guests, family, the wedding party and vendors, their representatives, agents, and employees attending the event for which you are contracting the use and services of Cedarwood – both during attendance at the event and, in the case of alcohol consumption, subsequent to their departure from the event – and you hold Cedarwood harmless from any and all liability associated with damages and/or injuries associated with the event. We recommend the purchase of event liability insurance through www.wedsafe.com.

Is event insurance required?
Although not a requirement of booking Cedarwood, we strongly recommend the purchase of a one-day event liability and property damage policy, and event cancellation insurance to protect you from any potential losses. These policies can be secured online within a few minutes, are very reasonably priced and will cover losses from personal or property damages or extra expenses incurred due to severe weather, sudden illness or withdrawal of military leave. Details are specified online at www.wedsafe.com.

What is added to our Package?  Payment and Terms:
State Sales Tax of 9.25% applies to certain items (professional services are non-taxable) • No additional service charges are added to our package prices. Optional tips are not included, although recommended.  Cedarwood is happy to add gratuties for catering and bartending staff to your bill and disburse on your behalf • Payments can be made in cash or by check. • A $500 security deposit is required to reserve the date for your event. If you cancel the date at any time, you forfeit this deposit. The security deposit is not considered a payment toward your package cost, and will be refunded after the event, barring any damage or overages. • A signed contract must be completed within two weeks of reserving a date. A deposit equal to 25% of the package cost is due upon signing a contract. A second payment of 25% is due at your initial planning meeting or 6 months prior to your wedding. • Final payment of the balance is due in full 60 days prior to the date of the event. • The cost of additional guests and amenities will is due, along with your final guest count, two weeks prior to the date of the event. • If you cancel your contracted date more than six months prior to the event, your initial payments are refundable. If canceled within six months prior to the contracted date, and if we are able to re-sell the date, your payment will be refunded less an administrative fee equal to 25% of the package total. If canceled thirty days or less prior to the event, no refund is made.

Effective 10.1.12